Water Management

Focused Water Management for Commercial Properties

Water conservation has become a hot topic in facility maintenance in the past few years. As legislation begins to tighten for commercial property water usage, GTLS has expanded and improved our site and water management services. We would like to show you the difference our capabilities will make for you, your stakeholders and your landscape. We are at the forefront of change and now offer our Water Management services as a stand-alone service that can be combined with our Commercial Maintenance Service.

Benefits for Owners, Tenants, and Stakeholders

Better service transparency and performance through state-of-the-art technology.

Compliance with HB4057
This measure adopts efficiency standards for urban landscaping with requirements for sprinklers to reduce water and energy consumption.

Controlled Water Costs
Our systems save an average of 38% and are EPA WaterSense Certified.

Fewer Expenses
Protect plants and structures from damage and rusting from over/under watering. Avoid fines for watering violations and reduce liability hazards like icy walkways and roads.

The Bottom Line
With GT Landscape Solutions and SmartLink, clients cut water use by approximately 38% and saved millions of dollars. In just 18 months, CBRE reported that their pilot program saved clients over 1 billion gallons of water!

Old timers are set for a fixed amount of time.
Program changes 4 times a year.

How Old Antiquated Water Management Systems Work

  • Old timers are set to a fixed amount of time
  • No analysis or analytic on performance
  • Resource management is non-existent
  • Water is wasted
  • It’s a fly by night operation and you never know when it will stop working

GTLS’s SmartLine System waters only for plant needs.
Program changes 365 times a year.

Advanced Features of GT Landscape Solutions Total Water Management Solution

  • System Visibility & Analysis
  • Asset mapping, verified inspections & repairs & detailed reports that track system performance provide valuable data
  • 24/7 Remote Access & Alert Monitoring
  • Instant notification of issues like stuck valve solenoids, power outages, shorts, breaks and more
  • Accountability for Repairs

At GT Landscape Solutions, we have a genuine passion for what we do, and it shows.